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3 Tips for a Great Holiday Party

The holiday season is just around the corner! I absolutely LOVE everything about the holiday season: the decorations, the friends, and most importantly the music! Every holiday definitely has their own style connected to it. These tips will help take every holiday party to the next level. With Halloween just a few days away I wanted to share my tips to make sure your holiday party is one to remember.

The Venue

If you saw my last post you know that the best place to start with any event is the venue. You want to make sure that your venue is equipped for your idea of a "party". Whether your idea is having a nice dinner with friends and family, or if you are feeling a little more rowdy, you want to make sure your space is ready. Depending on how you are wanting the night to go, I believe there are two ways to set up your venue for an extravagant night. If you are in a home, it's best to have designated rooms for each activity. Dancing and drinks (always have those two together) downstairs, food upstairs with arts n crafts in the living room. One other way I would set up a holiday party is having everything in one place. Maybe outside on a patio or a large indoor ballroom or pole barn. No matter where you have your party you always want make sure you have the venue decorated!!

The Decorations

Decorations can make any venue come to life. You first want to make sure that the decorations are fitting for the holiday you are celebrating. (Don't wanna see a spooky scary skeleton during your Christmas party.) The key to great decorations is consistency with your theme and holiday. If you are having a winter wonderland party, put some fake snow on your house plants and around tables. When decorating it is important to make sure all your guests still have an easy time maneuvering through your venue. Don't wanna wrap the cooler up in spiderwebs so it's impossible to open. How I see decorations, (just like guests) the more the merrier.

The Music

Now it's time we talk about my favorite thing about the night, the music! A majority of the main holidays have tons of songs for whatever you are celebrating. I would have to say Halloween has the best holiday music, it's hard to beat The King of Pop. When it comes to the music for your party, you have to think about the vibe and atmosphere you want to generate for you guests. If you are having a fun Christmas dinner party, Frank Sinatra and some classic oldies would be the key. Say you are trying to have a wild Halloween party, you are going to want to make sure you have the big hits like "Thriller" along with some big time dance hits. It's all about knowing your audience and how you want the night to go. As a DJ, one of my first questions for any event is "What is the vibe/atmosphere like for this event?" This allows me to fit the playlist to what the party host is looking for. Some good resources are Spotify and Pandora. Both music sites should have a playlist of holiday songs!

I hope this helped you start to visualize your holiday party! The most important question to ask yourself as a host is "Will my guests find this fun?" That way no matter who is coming, where it is or the atmosphere of the night you are always putting your guests first. If you are having a holiday party in the Portland, Oregon area, and are needing a DJ who gets how to throw a party, give Cascadia Sounds a call. We make sure every event is one to remember!

Thank you for reading!

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